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I love the three different styles of exercise to provide a well rounded regimen. The audio is funny, rich and very well written. The app is pretty slick. No problems so far. They actually teach you how to do the exercises too, catering for absolute beginners to advanced. Obviously a ton of work has gone into this product. Can’t wait to get into some more exercise episodes to see what is happening in the fictional world!


I started to use this app to lose the lockdown weight. It has been a great motivator and so different to a lot of apps I have tried. The immersive adventure is so unique and love the storyline. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting something different to listen to whilst exercising.


This has re-kindled my love of running and introduced me to a whole new way of working out at home. Awesome narrative and cast of characters brought together with brilliant sound effects that entice and motivate you through each episode. Absolutely love it, am in geek heaven!


What an awesome and creative way to make fitness more fun! Absolutely loving this app as it distracts you and keeps your mind occupied while you work out - making it so much more fun to get fit Cannot recommend this enough


An incredibly immersive and entertaining app for exercise. It’s fun, the stories are really clever and with head phones in it’s a fantastic experience. If you’re not someone who enjoys exercise but likes sci-fi and to be entertained, this is a great way to enjoy exercise whilst enjoying a story


I don’t mind exercising but running is tough for me, I have too many thoughts in my head telling me to stop. I use ZR usually, but with the big time gaps in story I tune out my music and hear my head whining again. This has stopped that! I’m too busy listening to the story to care about the 60 seconds left!


Awesome, workouts are boring no longer. This app really motivates to go harder and comes with an exciting story. Also very professionally done with different levels and alternatives :)


This app offers a fun and engaging workout and is good at explaining what to do and when (particularly good for uncoordinated people like me!). There's a good variety of different exercises and the characters are funny :)


This app definItely delivers. The concept is great and the quality of the workouts is amazing, from the exercises and pace to the production values. It made me sweat and stay engaged throughout the session. I've been using it for over a month and enjoying it so far. Well done!


A unique and entertaining way to exercise, even for people like me who spend most of the time in the gym counting down to when I can leave.


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