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Part One: 24 May 2019

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Imaginative is a SportTech startup intersecting exercise with entertainment to transform workouts into immersive exercise experiences.

We're doing this because we're horrified by the statistics showing that physical inactivity has now overtaken smoking as a global cause of early death, and want to do something about it.

We know not everyone enjoys exercising, but we also know everyone enjoys being entertained, so we wondered: what if we could put the two together? Create affordable, accessible "exer-tainment" products with zero barrier to entry that could be used anywhere, anytime?

Our mission is to get millions of people who think they 'don't like' exercise not only willingly engaging in it but enjoying, with their heads and their hearts, the physical activity that we know will improve - if not save - their lives.



Alternate realities and time travel? Check.

Super secret organisations and sleeper agents? Check.


Dangerous mission, high stakes, short odds of success? Check!

Welcome to Apocalypse Survival Training, a full cast 3D binaural audio drama in which you are the main character, with the fate of millions depending upon your ability to stay alive.

It’s dangerous out there though so you won’t be alone: your handler, personal trainer and cheerleader Skyler acts as your eyes and ears as he guides you through an alien invasion you must not only survive, but also bring to an end.

Read the Origin Story and meet Team AST here



One Epic Story

Apocalypse Survival Training Series 1 will run one ongoing story over 37 episodes (episodes 1-10 available now)


Three Types of Workout

Speed (running), Strength (bodyweight circuits) and Control (yoga/stretch)

Expert Instruction 

Programming and instruction written by experienced fitness instructors and delivered by coach characters

3D Binaural Audio

Every episode is a complete binaural audio drama with full composition and immersive sound effects

Full Exercise Support

All exercises coached in-episode with additional visual and audio guides, many with two difficulty levels (Intro/Advanced)

Tracking and Rewards

Track run logs and series progression whilst earning bonus TALON intel with every episode

Your Place, Your Pace

With no minimum speed penalty, Speed episodes work outside or on a treadmill. Strength and Control can be done at home, work or the gym

Sync and Download

Sync between phones and tablets for enhanced Player visibility during workouts. Stream or download  for seamless playback



Available Now! 

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