How it all began

Several years ago, in the West of England, Apocalypse Survival Training creator, fitness trainer and fantasy enthusiast Adele Andersen met with friends and fellow fans of novelist Terry Pratchett at a Discworld event. They soon found themselves brainstorming a fitness app, set in Ankh Morpork from the Discworld universe, that combined different types of exercise with storytelling in a seamless and interactive way.

Over the next year Adele went on to develop an experimental audio fitness adventure script based on her bootcamp classes, and with the voluntary support of her creative network, was able to create a test episode, Hardman's Army.  It  featured  ballistic Drill Sergeant Hardman training unfit, reluctant recruits for a sudden world war no-one wanted to fight in.  During the creation of Hardman's Army, Adele met her future collaborator and husband, Rasmus Andersen, who, with his audio production skills, became the technical half of an ongoing partnership. 


Following successful testing of the demo episode, Adele established Imaginactive and took to Kickstarter to raise funds for the full audio fitness adventure, Apocalypse Survival Training. Her goal was to prove narrative theatre can be used for more kinds of exercise than just running, and so AST was constructed with three kinds of workout: running, bodyweight circuit training and yoga & stretch. 

The Apocalypse Survival Training app launched with the first 10 episodes in 2019, with the help of nearly 500 Kickstarter backers. The app itself was problematic though and in 2021 the series, along with spin offs and supporting content, was moved over to the new Imaginactive app and web service

Adele Andersen

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Exercise Design

Adele has worked in the fitness industry making exercise fun for more than a decade, and has failed to finish several novels and scripts for even longer. AST is the unexpected intersection of her fitness and writing experience and love of a good sci-fi fantasy dramatic comedy.  


Rasmus Andersen

Composition, Audio Post Production, Additional Voices

Ras is a vocalist, vocal coach, composer, music producer, and lead singer of iconic metal band Diamond Head. He composes the music and is responsible for the high production values and 3D binaural processing of AST. 


Daniel Baune

Additional Composition, Audio Post Production

Dan is a music producer, session musician and guitarist for metal band Monument. He provides additional composition and audio post production support when backup is (often) required.


Adam Hay

Audio Design

Adam has worked as a video game audio designer for Activision, Disney, LucasArts, Microsoft, Sony and Warner Bros. He won the 2016 Bafta Games Awards Audio Achievement Award for his work on The Chinese Room's 'Everyone's Gone To The Rapture'. He creates all of the SFX and ambiences of AST,



Series Production

John Allison

Branding, Graphics, Titles, Additional Visual Assets

John is responsible for the majority of AST's visual assets, including logos, videos, promo/social materials, branding, the original app design, and the AST and Imaginactive websites.


Alda Rana


Alda is the incredible artist whose skill and style influenced the 'look' and feel of the original AST app. She created all the concept art material during the early production stages, and designed all the exercise figures and icons featured in the apps and websites. 

Alda's Deviant Art profile

App Production


Edward James Beesley


Edward is a voice artist who came to AST as a late re-cast, charged with the difficult task of stepping into a developed role and handful of edited episodes. He brings a wonderful warmth and humour as your guide to the apocalypse.

Personal Website

Ian Cooke

Commander Ironside, Flynn

Way before Kickstarter and AST, Ian helped out with a few lines of 'this gruff commander guy' for a test episode. The mix of Nixon and Optimus Prime he created was an instant hit. Generally a one-take wonder, Ian mines the emotion of scripts to give powerful and compelling performances.

Jan Uzell


Jan had years of am-dram musical experience before deciding to try her hand at voice work. In her performance as Beatrice she immediately nailed the fine balance between calm coach and cheeky old super gran.

Neil Wease

Thomas, Jock, Dramatic VO, Reynard

Neil works in broadcast media and events by day and in am-dram musicals by night and weekend. His extensive voice and accent range means he keeps getting given more and more roles to play. Now he basically plays everyone.

Mandy Profile

Brendan McCoy

Drill Sergeant Hardman, Seiger

Brendan is an actor and voice artist with over 15 years experience in film, TV, theatre, radio and game industries. His wonderfully ballistic Hardman is considerably more unhinged than planned, and funnier than written, making recording sessions enormously fun.

Brendan's Spotlight Profile

Adele Andersen


Adele came to AST with an about-equal acting, directing, producing and editing experience (i.e. a bit here and there, ten years ago at uni) but she was cheap for the production, knew her lines, and was exceptionally convenient to call in for pick-ups.

Voice Cast

Executive Producer

David Wild

Associate Producers

Chris Jones

Phillip Newton

Jennifer DiGacomo

Phil Lowes



Website Photography

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